Poker is a game that doesn’t really need any introduction. If you do require an introduction we recommend you check out the wikipedia page on poker and some videos on youtube.

The reason you can win at online poker is that you are betting against other people. The house (poker table operator) makes money on the rake. The rake is the amount of money the house takes from each pot. For example, if at the end of betting, there is $10 in the pot, the house may just payout $9.50 and keep the other 50 cents as payment for use of the table. In tournament games, the house, will add a tournament fee, typically 10%, so a $5 tournament will cost $5.50, $5 which goes in to the pot and 50c which goes to the house.

As the house makes money regardless of the amount of money you win or lose, they don’t care what you do as long as you keep playing and keep paying the rake. Obviously, not everyone can win but as poker requires a great deal of skill in the long run it is possible to be up. This is not for everyone though. You have to beat the other players and make enough to cover your contribution to the rake.

There are some people that make a living off playing online poker. See here, here and here. These are the exception though and you cannot expect to be a winner unless you have considerable skill. Pay attention to situations like this where people end up losing vast sums of money playing online poker. Only the top 15% of people or so make money playing poker.

So where’s the best place to play poker?

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