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Win4ever is a site about how to win for ever on internet.  Its not for your average person.  If you do not have above average skill, you may as well play roulette, as you will end up losing all your money.

The things you do online where you can win all require a high degree of skill.  Firstly, lets forget about the casino, bingo, lottery and scratch cards.  Its mathematically impossible for you to win on these, no matter how skilful you are.  They are just games of chance.  Games of chance are those where your skill doesn’t matter.  Try losing at any of the games and you’ll see that you can’t.  The exception is blackjack where you can keep hitting until you bust but that’s unique in casino games.  Practically all casino games are governed by odds which you cannot control.

So where are the areas you can win?

Poker – a popular card game where you are dealt cards in a sequential order. The aim of the game is to get a better hand than your opponents. Sequential betting and bluffing make poker a game of skill rather than chance even though in most places its classed as gambling. Read more

Forex – Forex or the foreign exchange market is a market where you can effectively bet on the rise and fall of currencies against one another. This is probably not great for the beginner as the losses can be huge but also the wins. read more

Sports Betting – Betting on Sports is a good way to make money with a fixed downside. You try to predict the outcome of a sporting event, say, football and you win if you are right. There is a way to spread bet on sports but we don’t recommend that as your losses can be much in excess of your original stake. read more

Backgammon – Backgammon is a game based on the roll of a dice and moving your pieces across a board. Even though the act of dice rolling is random it takes judgement and strategy to make those numbers count. read more

Rummy – Rummy is a group of card games where you have to make sets of cards with your hand. Even though the cards you are dealt is down to luck, winning at rummy requires skill and therefore you can win in the long run. read more

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